Residential Solutions

A good network is the back bone of every Audio Visual system and Home Automation system rely on a best Network infrastructure. With Niveo Professional  ICT products you are guaranteed the best operation always, We offer business class Routers from Niveo. Access points will make sure every conner of your property has the best internet connection.

With ezicontrols DA66HD/DA64 and the WYRESTORM Matrixes we can distribute audio and video to any room in your home,combined with Apart and Speakercraft speakers we promise the best audio experience. With ezi Home Solution 4 x 4 Four rooms will have the best distributed Audio and Video or ezi Home Solution 6 x 6 for six zones all in one 19” rack.

With Rako and Vitrea lighting controls we can design a custom solution best to suit your style and pocket. You can create scenes for different  moods and holiday mode where your lights switch on automatically  not timed like the conventional day/night or via a time which have specific time to switch on and off. Control your lights from 1 room or with an app with either or web based via internet. Wide range of key pads with your name engraved.

Mce Smart AV Systems  enhance your lifestyle with luxury and  savings and peace of mind by connecting electrical systems that you already use on a daily basis with each other and to the control System to create the ultimate home automation solution.

We are accredited BITWISE, ENADO and g! ELAN installers, All your electrical systems can be controlled from anywhere in the world with your IOS (Apple Device ) and Android device. We will help you design a system that suit your life style and budged. No two systems are the same we will design a tailor made program for you Our systems are designed to treat you like royalty .

We install one of the best AV cables in the world .ICE cables are HDBaseT  certified 100% copper, for the best experience. For optic fibre we use Clearline fibre the results are maximum bandwith and the speed of light.